Life Over Matter

Why so rude, MAC?

I haven’t posted anything in what seems like foreverrrrr. Sorry, but who cares anyway. HAHAHA.

I finally plucked up the courage to walk into a MAC store. I have always been scared, so weird, right?

Anyway, walk in, and swatch lippies, in my head I was about buy one or two, I had the money, so why not…

I asked a a worker if they accept debit, if they have this shade, and basically just ask about the general product, keep in mind, I am very nice… hahahhahahaha. But yeah, this is what I got as an answer..


What bothered me the most is how he said it, raised eyebrows, with that look saying “You can’t afford this shit anyway, stop bothering me” you get it?

I lost my cool, and walked out bitching look and ala Beyoncè walk.

Thank you, MAC SM North EDSA/The Block for treating your costumers like you are on a freaking pedestal and we are nothing.

We are all into cosmetics, thats why I went into your store in the first place.

Reading reviews for MAC SM North EDSA/The Block, a few have complained about rude costumer service persons.

All this went down on my snapchat. Add meee, maybe? >> mspiaya <<

Just a peek at my personal dramas. 🙂



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