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Artís Dupes!

Artís Oval brushes are all the rage right now, for a set of 10 you will be spending over $400, yes $400!!!!

And mama don’t got moneh for that! Not yet anyway… HAHA.

Here’s is a cheaper alternative, which you can prolly find on ebay/amazon/online. I got mine from a group I am part of, The Makeup Revolution on FaceBook.

This baby cost be PHP2,200 exclusive of shipping.


The brushes are soft to the touch, and soft on the face, not scratchy at all.

The only difference I can understand is that the Artís brushes are extremely dense/thick, this makes sense because they apply foundation to its fullest potential. The foundation will not reach the bottoms of your brush.

These dupes aren’t as dense as I could tell (youtube videos, images form the Artís website).

But they work amazingly well, I do use less foundation than normal, because these dupes don’t absorb product as a sponge (Just like the Artís brushes!)


I’m still trying to get used to them, using them, the likes. 🙂

All images belong to me.


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