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CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

I have always wanted to try the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops, but could never find them around where I live.

Sephora finally launched its website for the Philippines, which ships from Singapore. As much as I wanted to buy more products, I decided to stick with one, incase it never arrived on my doorstep! But it did, 3 days later! Super fast shipping!

I bought the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops in N25, which is kinda a shade lighter than what I want, but it’s okay, I have a few darker shade foundations which I will use it with. I’m thinking of getting the N30 shade.

It retails for PHP 2,379 but because I have a discount code/coupon it is now PHP 2,204. I still have to see the final billing on the credit card statement to be sure.

Supposedly you can use these drops to:

  • Add coverage to your foundation
  • Lighten/Darken current foundation
  • Add to moisturiser/sunblock to create your own “concoction”

This product is not meant to be used alone, and is pure pigment, or so they say.


I received one Sephora Rose Mask with my order, and got to chose 1 free sample, which I chose the Vichy Laboratories Aqualia Thermal (sleeping mask).


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2 thoughts on “CoverFX Custom Cover Drops

    1. Hey, sorry I haven’t been active. Essentially yes, but it was the wrong shade on me. But they do work beautifully. Just only to other foundations, not moisturisers or sunblock.

      Hope that helped.


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