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This was bought on a whim, and at PHP 499, it is not that bad. You get two blush colours, 1 bronzer, and a highlighter.

Albeit the sales people where I bought them were kinda pushy, to the point of being annoying. And, they keep saying :

“It’s a contour palette!”

No, my dears, this is not. 😦

But anyway!  Here is the L.A Girl SPICE Blush Collection!


This is what you get,  decently sized pans, not bad at all.


The two blushes in this palette.


The bronzer and highlight shades.


Swatches of each product on my arm.

First blush shade is a darker/deeper pink, it is matte.

Second blush shade is a lighter pink, very subtle, has a slight shimmer.

Bronzer shade is a warm brown, reminds me of Benefit Hoola, but in a warm tone, and a shade darker, it is matte.

Highlighter shade is a golden-ish highlight, that warms the skin, as opposed to theBalm MaryLou which compared to this is “icy”. Slightly chunky looking highlight.

All powders have good colour deposit, but are very “powdery”/dry. Although the highlight was intense!

For PHP499, it isn’t that bad. 🙂


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