Ah, the benefits of coconut oil.

For good health, drink it. (It has properties that burns fat, just dont chug it.)

For ultra moisturized skin, apply it on your body/face. (A small drop will do.)

Dry hair? MAKE A HAIR MASK.. I did.

I’ve been trying to revive my hair, its been limp and dry for weeks now. It is extremely dry and I’m scared that I might have to have it cut till the healthy bits. I did that the last time, and it was too short for me.

Buuuuut, coconut oil is my saviour today.

With day old hair, I took the oil and applied it generously to my head. Roots to ends, no missing parts! I was a greaser, say hello to my shiny head. Put it in a bun, and topped it off a shower cap. I kept it on for about 2 hours, but only because I was watching movies and sort of forgot about it.

Getting it off was okay, I had to shampoo my hair without water, works best to remove the oil, just a couple of drops of H2O to make it lather. Shampooed twice, and conditioned once.

End result is basically smoother, shinier, and healthier looking hair. Gone is the limp, dry, and frizzy hair. I absolutely love this remedy/DIY. it is waaaay awesome, and cheaper than going to a salon and getting a hair treatment mask thingy.

It works with any type of coconut oil, organic, virgin, extra virgin, and if you have one of those coconut oils that are in jar, and is sorta hard/white/solidified, just nuke it for a couple of seconds, then you are good to go.

It also works with Olive Oil, which was my first option, but then I realized that it would be more expensive, and the olive oil at my house right now is used for cooking, so not gonna touch that.

There are alot of masks around the net, just search for what you need, heck I found a few DIY masks that I will try soon.

Also works as a makeup remover! All I do is slather it on my face, let it melt my makeup and wipe of with a cleansing wipe! Cheap, and moisturizing too!

Anyway, coconut oil, I will most likely continue this treatment to my hair, say about once a week.. If I even remember to do it.

Last few words?

Coconut Oil rocks my socks.

Some info on the benefits of coconut oil. 


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