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Colourette Colourstick Review

Colourette has been popping up everywhere! And I finally got my hands on them! Colourette Cosmetics was created by Fairness and Flawless, an online skin care brand here in the Philippines.

These lipsticks are packed with goodness to nourish your lips! Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Avocado Oil, and Shea Butter. And these babies are pigmented and the colour payoff is amazing!


AMARI – a pink nude, but it leans more towards baby doll pink


BETHANY – a nude shade with a hint of pink, a “my lips but better” shade (This is the reason why I wanted to try Colourette)


KENDAL – a brilliant and bright pink (I don’t like pink all that much, but this is pretty nice)


PETRA – a red mixed with pink pigments.

*Lip swatches were under white light of my vanity mirror*

Each Colourette Colourstick cost PHP499, only if you get it at an Authorized Dealer, they also have physical stores around Metro Manila, check it out here.

Colourette Coloursticks apply like butter; smooth, and creamy. It says on the website and ads that it is a creamy matte lipstick, but it dries to a satin finish, still kinda shiny (NYX Soft Cremes have more of a creamy matte finish). These Coloursticks are moisturizing which is always good in any lip product, and apparently good for your lips too. They do stain (think magic lipsticks) and I started with the lightest one, my lips were red after all the swatches. They do transfer, but you can avoid bleeding by using a lip liner.

I got these from Ms. Jen of Colourette Taytay

All images belong to me, PRV Photography.




3 thoughts on “Colourette Colourstick Review

  1. Okay I’ve just discovered this lipstick brand and the colors look amazing. I’ve been reading about it everywhere. I hope I can find it online since I live in the Netherlands. Thnx for sharing.💄 XO-JEY

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Pia. Just saw it! Thanks so much for the info. I hope it will become available worldwide in the near future. Will try eBay though. X💋


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