Beauty Resolution for 2016

I’m one of those girls that love makeup, but hardy wear it. And so, I have a bunch of products that I hardly use. I’m a collector of beautiful things!

Drugstore to high-end, and anything else in between are all in my collection, which I really don’t want to go to waste. It’s hard to wear makeup here in the PH, because of the weather, and my skin type (combination skin), not a good mix. I find that makeup runs everywhere, but maybe its just me, or maybe I’ve been doing it wrong. All I know is, a full face of makeup is a no-no for everyday.

Someone once told me to simply put your best face forward every single day. That means, a little bit of this or that to make you look more “attractive”, face it you approach people who are definitely more attractive.

A little bit of mascara does wonders in opening up your eyes, and eyebrows make you look amaze-balls, just use powder though if you aren’t planning on wearing a full face, you will look like a man, learned that the hard way. Lippies are always a good way to add color to your face. A fresh pink color, or fierce red, even a demure neutral, they all tell so much about you!

Basically, I want to use my cosmetics, why the hell did I buy them for?!

I’ll make it my personal goal to wear a little bit everyday,  plus it will look good, and I’ll feel good too, more confident and “attractive”, gosh I hate saying that, I’m already bomb as it is.. *CUE SARCASTIC LAUGHING*. Parties, weddings, any event, you must go all out, heck I already do that.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself, how I feel about myself. And f*** yes, I do want to feel amaze-balls, so should you.




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